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she her sir

she her sir is the musical project by queer multimedia artist Cristy Michel. The debut single, "Howling," is a poignant track that pays soulful homage to Michel’s roots in the vibrant culture of New Orleans and celebrates the city’s storied queer arts scene. The accompanying music video, filmed at the iconic AllWays Lounge & Cabaret, offers a deep dive into Michel’s introspective journey across both time and emotion.​


Returning to New Orleans after twenty years in Los Angeles, Michel revisits the AllWays Lounge to witness one final cabaret show. The video captures the raw, sensual energy of queer artists who once inspired her, encapsulating the allure and mystique of their performances. Seated in the shadows of the dimly lit venue, Michel becomes both spectator and participant in a narrative that interweaves the past with the present. A striking scene features untouched glasses on stage—subtle but powerful imagery of resistance and personal evolution.​


Throughout "Howling," Michel's storytelling converges with visual artistry, crafting a narrative that is as haunting as it is evocative. The appearance of her younger self, portrayed by her niece Rachel Michel, serves as a poignant reminder of past indulgences and the transformative power of art and self-reflection. With she her sir Michel not only revisits her origins but also reinvents them, offering audiences a mesmerizing blend of music, memory, and identity.

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