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Just Because You Erase Me Doesn't Mean I'm Not Here

NEW : FALL 2024

"Just Because You Erase Me Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Here" emerges as a compelling testament to the enduring spirit and visibility of individuals often marginalized by the selective narratives prevalent in communal storytelling. At its heart, this avant-garde fusion will be showcased in New Orleans and delves into the complex dynamics of erasure and the empowering act of narrative reclamation in the face of societal neglect.

This ambitious project ventures deep into the realms of identity and belonging, revealing the emotional and psychological scars left by exclusion. It boldly reimagines Sir’s Monodrone Symphony—originally composed for a different endeavor and now reasserted in a provocative act of reclamation. Echoing Yves Klein's Monotone Symphony with its singular, sustained note in D major, the performance transitions from darkness to being suffused in a profound blue light. This, along with the intense cast of local New Orleans artists transcends conventional performance to create a space for reflection on the personal and communal impacts of erasure. The unending note of the orchestra and the immersive royal blue ambiance, reminisces James Turrell’s skyspaces, symbolizing the indomitable existence of marginalized narratives, resisting the erasure from our collective memory.

The work confronts the paradox of communities that vocalize broad political ideals yet fail to nurture the wellbeing of their own communities, spotlighting the dissonance in excluding individuals while championing inclusivity. It invites the audience to reconsider the role of collective storytelling in shaping individual identities and the very fabric of our communal lives, advocating for a deeper empathy and connection among us all.

In its exploration, "Just Because You Erase Me Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Here" engages in a profound dialogue on the fabric of social connections and the lasting impact individuals have on our shared histories. It critiques the fragility of these bonds and the deep-seated consequences of exclusion, emphasizing the resilience needed to confront and navigate the complexities of personal identity within the larger community memory.

In its totality, "Just Because You Erase Me Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Here" is more than an artistic venture; it's a call to self-reflection and communal action, challenging us to realign our community principles with the genuine well-being of every individual. It advocates for a truly inclusive and supportive environment, challenging the norms of existence and the fundamental human craving for acknowledgment and belonging.

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In Plain Sight Artist Yosimar Reyes Photo by Dee Gonzalez


In Plain Sight

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